What is Speedity?
    Speedity is a freight exchange platform that works like a social network. Every news is a logistics offer. Speedity network is global, it works worldwide. The goal is to achieve the faster logistics solution to a logistics problem. Speedity users can speak between them in real time worldwide.

    Who can use Speedity?
    Speedity network can be used by any adult, either with non-professional or professional profile. For example, a non-professional user looking for a personal transport; A logistics specialized company; or a manufacturer or import-export enterprise.
    Speedity ensures payment guarantee?
    Not. Speedity is a meeting place that aims to provide the maximum dynamism.

    We believe that the logistics management, his regulation, legal responsibilities and everything related in a commercial logistics relationship are part of the free trade strategy offered and accepted by the respective users. The well-done work has no borders.
    Why Speedity?
    Because Speedity is the most simple freight exchange in the world.
    Because Speedity is the only worldwide platform, transcontinental and highly flexible.
    Because Speedity is the only platform that offers to all users the same opportunities.
    Because Speedity is the only platform that offers a dynamic geolocated view of all the offers.
    Because Speedity is the only platform that offers a solution capable of locate the offer you are looking for between thousands of offers.
    Because Speedity is the only platform that allows you work with different transport combinations (air, land, sea).
    Because Speedity is the only platform that offers to external developers business opportunities to make specific apps.
    Because Speedity is a network of free trade and free relationships between public users.
    Because Speedity is ecologic, young and fun!
    How does it work?
    We can announce that we have a clear truck, or load available. At the top, click at "new offer" and complete data available, the city, etc... This offer is automatically geolocated at map and organized by description icons. According to the map zoom see more or less offers. We can filter offers with a lot of ways, for example by the available data:
    Or by the right icons:
    By users, if you want to know everything that a user has posted on the web:
    By #hashtags if we want follow a particular hashtag:
    If we click on "Origin A" we can see all the offers with the same origin. For example if you move the icon "A" to Madrid, you'll see the offers available in Madrid and surroundings:
    Is Speedity a mediator of the commercial contract?
    Not. Speedity is not a transport agency. Management, drafting, revision, acceptance, etc. of the commercial contract is responsibility of the users according to their free comercial strategy.
    Button status:
    Next offers will not be published in your Twitter account
    Next offers will be published in your Twitter account.
    Toggle this button at your convenience before publishing an offer depending of your need of spread.
    The first time you press this button, you will be asked to authorize Speedity to update your status on Twitter.
    You can revoke this permission at any time by accessing to your Twitter preferences.

    The look of the published offers in twitter:

    #speedity #freight from→ BARCELONA,ES to→ PARIS,FR http:// offer additional details Share your offers on Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter.

    You can publish your offers in your Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter account automatically by simply pressing the "My button".
    Why should I use Speedity #hashtags?
    You can use #hashtags as badge in any offer that you publish. #hashtags are insipired in the Twitter hashtags and works similar, you can use it to make specific searches. We think that is very useful way to complement a description. For example, you can use #hashtags to announce the transport mode: #land, #air, #sea. You can use also to announce the approximate weight of the load: #1tn, #3tn, #10tn, #>10tn. You can use the #hashtags as a tracking-system for a complex projects. Also you can use a #hashtag to notify your suppliers: "Search for this #tag and send me a budget" In the "offer additional details" zone you can also write emails, or external URL resources, it will be linked automatically. For example, a link to a contract, a project description, office papers, blogs, images, videos...
    Security prevention recommended by Speedity
    Basically, the commercial contract review and verify the identity of who we contact or who contact us. Verify the transport documents duly executed, the delivery letter, documents like the passport of the driver, fees, trademarks or references int the packaging or in the transport, valid commercial licenses. Use the telephone to speak with real people (land-line always!), fax or other ways of communication. We also recommend reviewing the validity of the obligatory insurance policies of carriers. Get informed of the physical characteristics of goods: weight, volume, type of packing, handling recommendations, passive safety recommendations, nature and value of the goods, etc.